D’Maris Coffman (Cambridge): Britain and Europe, state finance, capital markets, 17-19th century.

Patrik Winton (Uppsala): The Swedish state and international credit markets, 18-19th century.

Nicolas Barreyre (EHESS): USA, public debt and state-building, Civil War and Reconstruction, 19th century.

Noam Maggor (Tel Aviv): USA, history of capitalism and bankers, urban politics, 19th century.

Stephen Sawyer (American University of Paris): France and USA, state building, local finances, intellectual history, 19th century.

Alexia Yates (Cambridge): France, stock market and popular engagement, 19th century.

Malak Labib (Aix-en-Provence): Egypt, public debt, European imperialisms, 19th century.

Ali Coskun Tuncer (UCL): Ottoman state, sovereign debt crises, 1850-1914.

Anastassios Anastassiadis (McGill): Greece and the Balkans, debt crises and state-building, 19-20th century

Nicolas Delalande (Sciences Po): France and Western Europe, saving, citizenship, and total wars, 19th-20th century.

Kristy Ironside (Moscow): USSR, state finance and money, social history, 20th century.

Stefanie Middendorf (Halle): Germany, public finances, from WW1 to WW2.

Matthieu Rey (Collège de France): Syria and the Middle East, state-building and political history, 20th century.

Eric Monnet (Banque de France): France and Western Europe, credit markets and monetary regimes, Bretton Woods, 1945-

Adam Tooze (Yale): Germany and USA, international political economy, inflation and money regimes, 1945-

Anush Kapadia (City University London): India, financial markets and macro-political battles, 20th century.

Katia Béguin (EHESS): France and Western Europe, public credit and international markets, 17-19th century.

Juan Flores (Geneva): Latin America, debt crises, banks and international credit markets, 19th century.

James T. Sparrow (Chicago): USA, state building, and international institutions, 1945-

Alexander Nützenadel (Humboldt): Italy and Germany, public finance, global history, 1945-

Benjamin Lemoine (CNRS): France, social studies of finance, debt marketization, rating agencies, 1970s-

Etienne Forestier-Peyrat (Sciences Po). Sovereign debts in the communist world, 1917-1980s

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